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Chlorodimethylsilan 1066-35-9

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Modell:  km-193


Modell Nr .: km-193 Aussehen: flüssig Farbe: farblos Spezifikation: 95% min HS Code: 391000000 Typ: Siloxan Qualität: Handelsmarke: n / a Herkunft: China
Product No.:km-193
Product Name:Chlorodimethylsilane  
Cas No.:1066-35-9
Molecular Formula:C2H7ClSi
Molecular Weight:94.62
Properties Assay                     95%min
Appearance colorless transparent liquid
  Color ,hazen 10max
  Density(20ºC) 0.868
  Refractive index(20ºC) 1.3827
  Viscosity(25ºC mm2/S) 2.0~2.5
  Boiling pointºC   36
Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and petroleum hydrocarbon solvents. When enconntering with water or alcohol, it undergoes decomposition drastically. The product analysis is gas chromatography
Application 1,Used as capping agent in preparing α-,α and ω- TCS-side silicone polymer .
2.Used as quenching agent in preparing high-strength and low density Si-C/Si-N china.
3.Prepare tetramethyldisiloxane  disilazane after ammonolysis.
4.Raw material of preparing organic silicone surfactant.
5.Raw material of modify organic silicone, polyolefin, polyacrylate, polyamide, polyimide, polyester, polyurethane, epoxy etc.
Packing 5KG,20KG,200KG/Iron drum
This product has a low boiling point and high volatile, store with seal.

Produktgruppe : Organische Silikonchemikalien

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